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Speech Pathologist private services

 Originally from France, I moved to Canada in 2012 to work as a speech and language therapist. I gained several years of experience working in remote regions, both in private sectors and in a variety of health institutions. 


After meeting my partner, who is from the Yukon, I decided to follow him and moved to the Yukon Territory in 2017.


My profession has always had an important place in my life, as has my family. So, it is natural for me to combine these two parts of my life. 

 Since French is my mother-tongue, I mainly offer services in that language. However, I do have skills who allow me to offer some services in English, depending on the age and requirements of the clients. So please, feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your submission


 I offer a range of services for children (preschool, school), teenagers and adults

  Since I live away from the Yukon's main centers, I offer online services with Zoom combined with occasional in-person seasons. Sessions may also take place at day cares, in school, at hospitals and in collaboration with others professionals depending on the needs. 

  Together we will discuss your request,  identify your particular needs and set the priorities for our work.

   More information on sessions conducted using ZOOM


 The online intervention with Zoom is a secure, confidential, easy and free. It is a great way to get specialized services in the confort of your home.


  • ensure that sessions can continue without interruption

  • Provides access to specialized services wherever you live

  • Limits the need of travel 

  • Allows direct conversation

  • Allows conversation to be recorded and watched later

  • Allows screen sharing 

        How does it work:

Zoom is well known for being easy to use, secure and confidential, since meetings are locked and a code is needed to access them.


         You will need:

  1. High speed connection

  2. A computer with video camera

  3. Download Zoom for  Android or MacOS

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